Introducing Fotorama jQuery: A Stunning Slider Gallery For Your Website

Fotorama is a stunning jQuery image gallery framework that makes the process of creating gorgeous looking sliding photo galleries for your website deceptively simple. The great thing about adding this to your website is that it can be added to either a WordPress based website, or a standard website written in a combination of HTML and CSS. Fear not if you don't have a clue what jQuery is. Adding it to a standard HTML/CSS website requires nothing more complicated than copying and pasting a few lines of code. This is a process we will guide you through in further articles. Furthermore, adding the Fotorama gallery to your WordPress website is also a simple thing to do. It just involves installing a plug-in on your WordPress admin area.

Before we delve into why the Fotorama jQuery photo gallery is a good idea, we thought it would be a good idea to inform those of you who don't know much about jQuery on what it entails. jQuery is a compact, lightweight yet powerful Javascript library. The reason we feel that it is important to understand what jQuery is even if you don't understand the actual coding language, is because getting a feel for the basic role of something on your website is always a good idea. One should always be looking to improve their working knowledge of computer fundamentals. Even if you never plan to code a word of Javascript in your life, knowing the underlying purpose of jQuery is a good idea. The best way to sum up what jQuery is all about is to say that it makes it easier to use Javascript on a website.

Javascript is a complicated computer programming language that often requires hundreds of lines of complex code to carry out simple tasks. What Javascript does, if you didn't already know, is make your web pages interactive. It adds animations and “on-the-fly” field validations so that a user does not need to fill out an entire form only to be told that they have made a typo. Javascript works in conjunction on almost all websites with HTML and CSS,. Together the three languages make up the foundation of any website you visit on the internet today. But Javascript contains enormous coding that is very difficult to understand.

jQuery wraps these enormous chunks of code into methods that can be called with just one line of code, instead of a whole series of code. There are a whole range of Javascript frameworks on the web, but jQuery is by far the most popular. The reason for this is that it is the most powerful. This is why major corporations such as Microsoft and IBM make use of it on their websites.

The introduction of jQuery into modern computer programming has been regarded as a blessing for programmers both advanced and beginners. The reason is that it condenses the syntax. This results in an enormous simplification of implementing Javascript tasks on to a webpage. jQuery also has the advantage of being able to carry out more functions than any other Javascript library. It's quite an amazing feat that the jQuery library manages to remain the easiest Javascript library to use. And it does so whilst remaining by far the most powerful.

Another reason people like jQuery is because of its large community. The fact that it is such a nifty tool has led to the creation of thousands of open-source plug-ins by dedicated developers. This also means that because it is being updated on a constant basis, jQuery is the most secure Javascript library on the net. There is an abundance of excellent tutorials available for newbies meaning that the barriers to entry for a beginner programmer are reduced. Someone who learns Javascript from scratch might have problems because it takes a long time to get familiar with its complex syntax. In summary, if you want to implement Javascript on your websites, jQuery is the best way to go about it.

Now that you know what jQuery is, we can talk more about the Fotorama sliding photo gallery tool. We mentioned in a previous paragraph about how Javascript allows for interactive web pages. Fotorama makes use of this and allows you to implement sliding photo galleries on your website. Instead of having to create multiple pages of a website to switch between photos, the Fotorama jQuery plug-in allows your gallery be displayed on one page with a simple and powerful sliding feature. The result of this is that creating a good looking website becomes a lot less time consuming. Imagine you wanted to display a photo gallery without the use of Fotorama jQuery plug-in. You would need to create several web pages for each picture to be displayed on. In the modern world of instant gratification, ain't nobody got time for that!

Fotorama is optimized for all mobile and tablet devices. This provides a wonderful platform for end-users to browse your web pages and flick through your photo galleries with the touch screen feature. The controls are intuitive and as a website administrator you do not need any programming knowledge to put it on your site.

The Fotorama jQuery interactive photo gallery also offers cross-browser functionality. This means that your beautiful images will be viewable as an impressive interactive slideshow no matter what browser end-users use to navigate to your website.

Another wonderful thing about Fotorama is the full range of powerful controls that it supports. This is not just any ordinary slideshow photo gallery jQuery plug-in. You also have the option to autoplay your gallery, meaning that users do not have to click anything to see all the photos available. Then there is the full screen option, perfect for users who want to see the photos on your website in crystal clear and uninterrupted stunning high-definition.

Fotorama jQuery plug-in has it all really. It is the best photo gallery Javascript framework on the market. The Zip file you receive when downloading the jQuery comes with all manner of examples to get Fotorama up and running on your own website.