To Edit Or Not To Edit Fotorama? That Is The Question

As with any plug-in that you add to your website, deciding whether to mess around with Fotorama sliding gallery to fine tune it to your specific tastes is always a tough call. This is not only relevant for jQuery or other plug-ins, but also after you have installed a new theme on your website. You always have it in the back of your mind that something can be tweaked to make your set of pages run or look better. There is an intrinsic desire in many people to make the most out of a fundamental thing by tweaking it. For example, think of the car customization industry. This is a huge sub-sector of the car industry and it increases every year in terms of how much revenue the companies that provide specific alterations to vehicles make. The car analogy is a good one that is appropriate when thinking about whether to alter the coding in Fotorama. On the one hand, when you buy a new car, you might be correct in thinking that the manufacturer has designed it to the best of its abilities, meaning that you can't add anything to it, and any tweaking you attempt to add to it may turn out to ruin the performance of the car. On the other hand, maybe the car has been produced by the manufacturer to appeal to a generic consumer base, allowing for further refinements that can make it run better or look better.

The exact same thing is true with a website theme or plug-in such as Fotorama. Weighing up whether to edit the code is a balancing act. First you have to be confident in your own programming abilities. That is in case you do something wrong that messes up the look and feel of the Fotorama sliding gallery, or worse still messes up your entire website. Assuming you have the requisite knowledge (or you believe you have it), the decision comes down to whether customizing the jQuery code will add anything to your website. There is a vast number of customization options for Fotorama, but there is no point in messing around with them if your site doesn't need it.

With that in mind, and assuming you decide to change something in the code, here are the most popular elements to change:

• Dimensions. The dimensions of the entire sliding gallery in Fotorama are based on those of the first image in your gallery. Other images are scaled in proportion to fit with this first image. You can change this by specifying your own parameters in the jQuery code. Namely the data-width and data-height options which allows you to set the resolution that all proceeding images are scaled on.

• Video. Users might be under the impression that Fotorama is only good for displaying image galleries in sliding format. But they'd be wrong. You can also add videos from the likes of youtube to be displayed in a sequential sliding manner. This is ideal for those of you who have created vlogs and want to share them on your website. To display your videos in sequential order, just link to them inside the div class section of your jQuery code. For further information see this web page .

• Keyboard. Despite the popularity of the mouse and touch screen devices, the humble keyboard remains an extremely popular navigational tool on websites for a lot of users. Some people who run the Fotorama query on their site might want to make sure that navigation through images via the keyboard arrows is turned on. To do this, one needs to go to the div class section of your Fotorama code and change the data-keyboard property to true.