Frequently Asked Questions About The Fotorama Slider Gallery

This is the section you need to be reading if you have a question about the Fotorama jQuery photo sliding application. We have compiled a list of what we feel will be the most frequently asked questions on people's minds when considering whether to download and install Fotorama on their website. It can be awkward and annoying trying to get your question answered on a forum. In a world that demands the answer to everything right now, we have decided that the best way to achieve this goal in terms of the Fotorama jQuery tool was to compile a list of the questions we expect to be on users minds. We're people pleasers like that.

1. Do I need to pay to use Fotorama? The answer to this you will no doubt be glad to hear, is a resounding no. The majority of jQuery tools in fact are not paid for. Fotorama, like a lot of other plug-ins is open-source. This means that it has been created by developers with the best interests of the web community at heart. Hooray for non-profit causes that improve the ease of our lives on the web!

2. Is it Only available on WordPress or HTML/CSS templates? The answer to this is no, which is something lovers of the Joomla CMS will be glad to hear. The reason most of the articles on this website pertain to talking about WP or HTML/CSS platforms is because Joomla is much less common than both of these options.

3. Is Fotorama Equally Responsive across all devices? Yes. That is the beauty of this impressive photo slider tool for your website. It works as well on your smartphone as it does on your personal computer. This means users can browse through the images on your website and have an enjoyable experience regardless of the device they are using.