Why You Need To Use Fotorama (Or Other jQuery Sliders) On Your Website?

We have written all about the Fotorama jQuery photo gallery for your website and given you some tips on how to get the most out of it. This article takes a step back a bit to give a more broad opinion on why photo slider jQuery plug-ins are useful for your website. Let us be honest, a website that integrates visual content is going to be a lot more accessible and impressive to visitors than one that consists of just the written word. While engaging content can stand out on its own, good content that is aided by impressive visuals will stand out a lot more. Developers and web designers know this. That is why they are always creating new and impressive jQuery gallery sliders to best represent audio or visual content.

They want to achieve this in a way that does not reduce the pleasantness of visiting a particular website. The way images or videos might reduce the functionality of a website is by reducing the loading speeds of each page. A significant reduction in this factor could be an easy reason for a visitor to click away from your site. It is always important to keep in mind the idea that once you have enticed a visitor to your page, you will want them to remain there. Adding images or videos to a website without Javascript or some framework like jQuery will one hundred per cent low your website down. This is because navigating through different images or videos with only HTML requires the creation of a different web page for each image or video. You then need to return to the first page if you want to continue reading whatever content the images relate to. It should be clear that this is just not feasible for anyone serious about running a decent website.

The most promising development in recent years in terms of achieving the goal of implementing visual content to websites in a way that is engaging and adds to the user experiences instead of taking away from it is the use of jQuery image sliders such as Fotorama. These fantastic tools utilize the powerful and compact nature of jQuery to give an image slider solution that just works. It is not only images you can use. Other visual content such as videos can also be displayed on your website through a jQuery plug-in. So as you can see, the Fotorama plug-in and all other related visual slider plug-ins are brilliant tools for developers and website administrators alike. They provide a seamless visual display platform that will no doubt entice visitors to stay on a website.