Take Control Of Your Fotorama Gallery With The Nifty Autoplay Feature

This is a very handy feature of the Fotorama jQuery plug-in. You can edit it and control it on both the WordPress version of the plug-in and the manual jQuery code version on a standard HTML/CSS website template. The procedure for editing the autoplay feature on both platforms differs so we will now examine just the WordPress way in order for you to fully understand how to change it on the popular content management system.

To toggle the autoplay feature in WordPress, you first need to become familiar with what is called "gallery short code". Short codes in WordPress are small code snippets. They are extremely useful and can be applied to your WP website by using the short code API. These short codes can be inserted into the editor area of your website's posts, so that they connect to certain functions that are run when somebody loads up one of your web pages. The fact about short codes is that they are very flexible, allowing you complete customization over how the short code displays certain elements on your web page.

To change the short code for the Fotorama photo gallery jQuery plug-in on WordPress, we need to focus on the [ gallery ] short code in specific detail. To control a single Fotorama gallery on your web page, the first thing you need to do is open up the editor of this page in full HTML mode. This means that as well as displaying the content of this specific page, your WordPress admin area will also show you the underlying HTML coding applying to certain elements.

Let's say for example that the Fotorama on a particular web posts applies to three separate images named a, b and c. To alter your gallery short code, first look for the code that contains the names of these images. So in our example, the code that you want to search for and change is [ gallery ids="a,b,c" ] . Once you have found this, you can make any number of changes to the underlying code that applies to Fotorama. You can even disable Fotorama to work its magic for any particular gallery of images contained on a web post. There is also the option to set Fotorama to enter full-screen mode as well as a number of other quite useful options. Here, we are focused on the autoplay feature.

To get your Fotorama to autoplay the gallery containing images a,b and c your short code will need to be altered to look something like this:

[ gallery ids="a,b,c" autoplay="2000" ]

Note that the 2000 parameter here relates to the length of time between changing images in milliseconds. In this case your gallery images will change automatically every two seconds. You can customize this to your specific desire. Good luck!