jQuery - The Most Flexible JavaScript Library Available

There are many examples on our website of the flexibility that jQuery library offers. This is the case even users who are not advanced in their programming knowledge. Seeing these examples in action gives us a good idea why developers rage on and on about why they love jQuery so much. For example, in other posts on our site we showed you how regardless of whether your Fotorama gallery slider was installed on a WordPress website or a standard HTML/CSS one, there are loads of changes you can make to the code to make it do things that you want it to do. This is why it is loved so much. This article praises jQuery for the flexibility it provides to any website.

When we think about it, there are hundreds of open source jQuery plug-ins available both for download in the WordPress marketplace and for standard websites. These have many different functions. They range from providing animations for your site, to engaging and dynamic user forms to representing your visual elements in the best possible manner without negating the speed or usability of your site. This provides a whole spectrum of sub-customizations you can make. We have seen that with only a tiny bit of computer nous you could set your Fotorama plug-in to autoplay your images. Furthermore, you could even set the time-frame that you wanted the visual content to change in. Just focusing on the Fotorama plug-in, there are an enormous and almost limitless amount of changes you can make to the way in which your gallery is presented.

The ramifications of this in terms of a broader overview of jQuery should not go unnoticed. With each jQuery plug-in you download to your website or apply to WordPress, there are a vast amount of changes you can make. What this hints at is not only the enormous power of jQuery, but the sheer flexibility it caters for. We have explained before how Javascript is an extremely difficult language to get to grips with, and jQuery caters for a way to put in place Javascript without getting bogged down in thousands of lines of almost unreadable code. This means that not only is jQuery flexible with the amount of unique changes it allows one to make to a website, but it also allows people with not a lot of programming knowledge to make these changes. This makes it flexible with who can access its enormous power. This can save a website administrator tonnes of money from not having to hire dedicated developers with years practise in Javascript. That is why we feel jQuery is the most useful of Javascript libraries, and we are proud that it is used to run the fantastic Fotorama slider gallery.