What Is The Competition Like? Here We Look At Fotorama Alternatives

Here at Fotoramajs, we are not an official affiliate of the Fotorama jQuery sliding gallery website tool. We are just crazy about the product and think it is the best option out there for anyone who wants to enhance the visual elements of their website while not detracting from its functionality. We feel though that it is just fair to point visitors to this page in the direction of some other sliding images gallery jQuery tools. There are lots of them out there, and if for comparison purposes rather than anything else, we would like to point users in the direction of some general alternative. Maybe you will be able to come to a better informed decision when you see what the competition to the tool we champion so much entails.

Flexslider. This is a nice simply designed slider that is designed using jQuery. The navigation supports keyboard use, touch screen use and plain navigation buttons, making it a well-rounded product. It also works on every browser you can think of.

Diapo. This is a wonderful plug-in to create slider galleries with a big range of custom effects. It caters for the display of HTML elements, pictures and videos on your website in a unique and elegant style. The plug-in is also mobile ready meaning that users can browse through your best galleries on their devices once it has been installed on your site.

Rounding up our recommendations is Sequence. This is a cool jQuery plug-in that gives you complete control of sliding content. This plug-in allows users to display any type of content in slider format, making it a very versatile option for people who don't want their choice to be limited to just images and videos for sliding. You can do it all with the Sequence plug-in. One thing we have found with this one though is that it does not run as well on your website. This makes for a marked reduction in page load speeds as compared to our number one recommendation Fotorama.