Our Pick Of The Best Alternative jQuery Plug-Ins For Your Website

Here at Fotoramajs we are crazy about the Fotorama jQuery website plug-in for presenting visual content in an elegant looking way with exquisite performance. It is in our opinion the very best option available on the market for serious website administrators who want to add a touch of panache to their visual content. There is simply no better alternatives than this powerful tool for sliding photo gallery displays. Following on from this, we have decided to use our knowledge to put together a further list of some of the best jQuery website plug-ins available. Applying the following recommendations to your website along with the Fotorama plug-in will give it a professional design that looks like it has been put together by someone with expert web design knowledge. The great thing is, you don't even have to know a word of code to give this impression. Once your website runs well and is highly functional, which it will be with all these additions, end users will feel that they are browsing the work of a pro web developer.

The first nifty little jQuery plug-in that we are fond of is the Full-Screen Pop-Out Navigation Tool. This is a beautiful looking fixed menu item for your website that not only draws users attention to your call-to-action buttons when first arriving at your site, but then fades into the background and lets them explore the website in full-screen navigation mode. This is wonderful if you want to market a book, mailing list or some sort of product that you are selling. It makes intuitive sense to drive users to a call-to-action before continuing their navigation, and this dedicated tool caters just for that purpose. Best of all, it is free. You can thank us later.

Next up and moving on directly from the previous jQuery plug-in the Full-Screen Scroller. This plug-in in conjunction with the last one go together like two peas in a pod. This is amazing because it allows end users to scroll between full pages of your website without having to click a link and wait for pages to load up. The Full-Screen Scroller allows for both horizontal and vertical scrolling, meaning you can choose the option that you feel adds most to the performance and design of your website.

Finally to complete the list we have Morphy Buttons. This jQuery plug-in does exactly what its name suggests. It adds visually morphing button effects to spruce up any plain old looking website. At only $6 it is an absolute steal. It would be rude not to add this to your site!